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Ask Slashdot: What Will the 2020s Bring Us?



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The 2010s were not necessarily the greatest decade to live through. AAA computer gameswere not only DRM’dand internet tethered to death but became increasingly formulaic and pay-to-win driven, and poor quality console ports pissed off PC gamers. Forced software subscriptions for major software products you could previously buybecame a thing. Personal privacy went out the window in ways too numerous to list, with lawmakersfailing on many levelsto regulate the tech, data-mining and internet advertising companies in any meaningful way. Severe security vulnerabilities werefound inhundreds ofdifferent tech products, from Intel CPUs to baby monitors and internet-connected doorbells. Thousands of tech productsshipped with microphones, cameras, and internet connectivity integration that couldn’t be switched off with an actual hardware switch. Many electronics productsbecame harder or impossible to repair yourself. Printed manuals coming with tech products became almost non-existent. Hackers, scammers, ransomwarers and identity thievescaused more mayhemthan ever before. Troll farms, click farms and fake news factoriesdamaged the integrity of the internetas an information source. Tech companies and media companies becameafraid of pissing off the Chinese government.

Windowsturned intoa big piece of spyware. Intel couldn’t be bothered to innovate until AMD Ryzen came along. Nvidia somehow took a full decade to makereally basic realtime raytracinghappen, even though smaller GPU maker Imagination had done it years earlier with a fraction of the budget, and in a mobile GPU to boot. Top-of-the-line smartphonesbecame seriously expensive. Censorship and shadow banning on the once-more-open internet became a thing. Easily-triggered people trying to muzzle other people on social media became a thing. The quality of popular music and music videos went steadily downhill. Star Wars went to shit afterDisney bought it, as did the Star Trek films. And mainstream cinema turned into an endless VFX-heavy comic book movies, remakes/reboots and horror movies fest. In many ways, television was the biggest winner of the 2010s, with many new TV shows with film-like production values being made. The second winner may be computer hardware that delivered more storage/memory/performance per dollar than ever before.

To the question: What, dear Slashdotters, will the 2020s bring us? Will things get better in tech and other things relevant to nerds, or will they get worse?

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