World-mapping computer vision startup6D.aiis expanding support to new devices as its augmented reality platform exits beta.

The SF startuplaunched its betain October and is now ready to let developers ship apps as it launches pricing for its services. The pay-as-you-go subscription rates for 6D move from a free tier to $20-$50 per app based on the number of map download calls that users prompt. 6D will have custom-pricing for customers ushering in more than 50,000 map downloads.

The startup boasts Autodesk, Nexus Studios and Accenture among its customers.

The company’s platform has previously been confined to iOS devices, but today, 6D announced that it is launching private beta support for Android phones and lightweight headsets.

Moving to the fractured Android platform presents more challenges than iOS, but 6D is beginning the rollout with recent ARCore-supported Samsung devices. The company plans to support all ARCore devices running Snapdragon 845 chips and newer.

The company is also announcing a p

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