Former Siri Chief Is Leaving Apple To Join Microsoft’s AI Division(



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Bill Stasior, the former head of Apple’s Siri division,

is leaving the company after nearly a decade

to join Microsoft’s artificial intelligence division,

reports The Information

. “Although Stasior left Apple in May, he’s only joining Microsoft later this month as a corporate vice president, reporting to Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott,” reports The Verge. “Stasior worked at Apple for more than seven years, joining back in 2012.” From the report:

After Giannandrea took a more hands-on role in the Siri division upon being hired last summer, he was subsequentlypromoted to a senior vice president roleat Apple in December. That meant he was reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook, and he was also responsible for all machine learning and general AI projects at Apple. According to The Information, that promotion resulted in Stasior walking away from day-to-day duties running the Siri team.

Prior to Giannandrea joining, Stasior had the responsibility of running Siri, who was vice president of the division for more than seven years. But Apple effectively tossed executive leadership of the product around like a hot potato. It was initially former iOS software chief Scott Forstall’s job to oversee Siri, but after he left the company unceremoniously over the controversial Apple Maps fiasco, the role went to services chief Eddy Cue and then eventually VP of software engineering Craig Federighi. Finally, when Giannandrea joined, Siri had a proper executive to oversee it, but that seems to have resulted in Stasior’s departure for reasons unknown.

The Information notes that Stasior will not be working on Cortana. Instead, he’ll be leading up an AI group, although it’s unclear what exactly he’ll be working on.

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it were a nail.”
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