Drones are being used by companies fromAmazontoUber, but one company built a flamethrower you can hook up to your personal drone for all your fire-spewing purposes.

Ina video from company Throwflame, the TF-19 WASP flamethrower drone attachment is seen spewing long streams of fire into the air and engulfing dead bushes in flames.

Although Throwflame advertises using the flamethrower drone for mundane things like cleaning up vegetation and getting rid of wasp nets, the video paints a terrifying view for what the future of drone flight could entail.

It’s important to note that the $1,500 price tag is only for the flamethrower attachment itself. You’ll have to buy the drone separately — the one that Throwflame recommends for its flamethrowerwill cost you at least $1,500.

Check out the features of the TF-19 WASP flamethrower drone attachment and what it can do:

The TF-19 WASP is a powerful flamethrower you can attach to an existing drone to “instantly deliver precision streams of fire” up in the sky, Throwflame says in its video.


The TF-19 WASP can shoot flames up to 25 ft away, and has a one-gallon fuel capacity. The flamethrower has more than a minute and a half of “continuous firing time.”


Throwflame envisions the flamethrower drone being used for tasks such as “clearing vital infrastructure, igniting remote vegetation, and eliminating pests.”


In the past, flamethrowing droneshave been filmedburning off garbageand debris from electrical wires.

The design of the TF-19 WASP attachment makes refueling as simple as screwing and unscrewing the nozzle for the fuel tank.


The flamethrower attachment can be used with any drone that has a payload capacity— how much weight the drone can hold — of 5 pounds or more. In the video, the TF-19 WASP is attached to a DJI S1000 octocopter drone, which sells for $1,500.


The DJI S1000 drone goes for $1,500 onwebsites like eBayandin stores such as B&H.

Using a drone like the DJI S100 gives you the ability to attach a camera on top, which produces scary views like this of flames shooting from the TF-19 WASP.


The TF-19 WASP flamethrower has apparently gotten a lot of attention since it was released earlier this month. The drone attachment is already on backorder, and Throwflame says it could take four to six weeks for your delivery to be processed.


Watch Throwflame’s video showing off the TF-19 WASP below:


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