Elon Musk Says ‘The Boring Company’ Will Launch in China This Month(



from thedigging-a-hole-to-Chinadept.

“Elon Musk wants to drill holes in China,” reports TechCrunch:

Musk is due to speak at an AI conference, called the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, taking place in Shanghai on August 29-31. Replying to a tweet about the event he announced: “Will also belaunching The Boring Company China on this trip.”

Another Twitter user chipped into the conversation to ask whether the company would also do underwater tunnels — to which Musk replied simply “yes”…

Another design that The Boring Company has proposed — for an ambitious Loop system from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore — is still on the drawing board, having attracted major safety concerns by failing to meetseveral key national safety standards, including lacking sufficient emergency exits and not taking note of the latest engineering practices. So perhaps, in looking to expand The Boring Company by taking his spade to the Far East, Musk is hoping for a more accommodatingset of building standardsto drive an electric truck through.

This week the CEO of the Monorail System in Las Vegas also

complained to city planning officials

that The Boring Company’s proposed route there for three underground tunnels “intersects our existing system route, and it appears the presented tunnel alignment interferes with our existing columns…and creates significant concern regarding both vertical and lateral loads.”

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