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A bunch of rookie cops have recently been fired for doing bad things. Let’s think about that for a moment.

Tales of piss-headed police officers dominated the news in the week before New Years (at least, in my social circles, if we discount everything related to Star Wars). In West Virginia,

Microsoft’s newest internet browser is fast and finally does the things that makes Google’s Chrome so popular — here’s how to get it

msft edge chromiumBusiness Insider screenshotMicrosoftreleased on Wednesday its newEdgeweb browserthat lets users install extensions from theGoogleChrome web store.In some important ways, the new Edge is just GoogleChromedressed in Microsoft clothing

Today Marks the 13th Anniversary of When Steve Jobs Unveiled the Original iPhone

13 years ago today, then Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at Macworld in San Francisco and surprised the world with the very first iPhone. Jobs introduced the iPhone

Your Amazon Echo didn’t build itself. This researcher is tracking AI’s social and environmental consequences

“AI is being fed directly into the bloodstream of society, and in many cases without sufficient checks and balances,” saysKate Crawford, a professor and cofounder of New York University’s AI Now, the world’s first academic research institute dedicated to the social impact of artificial intelligence. Last year, Crawford partnered with data-viz guru Vladan Joler to create “Anatomy of an AI System,” a map and research paper demonstrating the real-world consequences of developing and manufacturing the Amazon Echo. The 23-by-16.5-foot black-and-white map illustrates how an Echo is made, from the geological processes that create the rare-earth metals in the Echo’s chips to the digital laborers who build the training data sets for AI systems to the submarine cables that carry information between servers on different continents. The paper highlights the radical differences in income distri

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