Baystate Business: Biotech Breakthroughs (Radio)

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Why Shares of Stoke Therapeutics Plummeted in September

After top performance in August, the biotech was hit hard. What happened Shares of Stoke Therapeutics (NASDAQ:STOK)crashed 42.6% in September, according to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence. That was a dramatic

Here’s Why Stealth BioTherapeutics Rocketed Higher Today

The clinical-stage biotech made a new friend. What happened Shares ofStealth BioTherapeutics(NASDAQ:MITO)are up 9.8% at 1:11 p.m. EDT, having been up as much as 35%, following the announcement that the

Here’s Why Seattle Genetics Stock Jumped Higher Today

Solid data for two pipeline candidates increases investors' confidence in the cancer biotech. What happened Shares ofSeattle Genetics(NASDAQ:SGEN)are up 12% at 12:05 p.m. EDT after the biotech presented a pair

Evolution of Speech Recognition Technology

Communication plays an essential role in our lives. Humans started with signs, symbols, and then made progress to a stage, where they began communicating with languages. Later computing and communication technologies came. Machines began communicating with humans and in some cases, with themselves also. The communication created the world of the internet, or as we…

Nest Mini review: My new favorite bathroom speaker

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. Singing in the shower Singing in the shower has never been this fun. Source: AndroidCentral.comWe all love to sing in the shower — or at least I do — and for the past two years I've used a first-generation Google Home Mini as…

AI boosts clarity of laser-based imaging tech

Artificial intelligence can improve the quality of optoacoustic imaging, researchers report. This relatively young medical imaging technique can be used for applications such as visualizing blood vessels, studying brain activity, characterizing skin lesions, and diagnosing breast cancer. However, quality of the rendered images is very dependent on the number and distribution of sensors used by…

Artificial intelligence and farmer knowledge boost smallholder maize yields

A maize field in Colombia. Credit: CIAT / Neil Palmer Farmers in Colombia's maize-growing region of Córdoba had seen it all: too much rain one year, a searing drought the next. Yields were down and their livelihoods hung in the balance. The situation called for a new approach. They needed information services that would help…

Consumers Are Tired of Dealing With Machines. That Spells Opportunity For Small Business.

surveyfound that about 70% of consumers said they’d rather talk with a human customer service representative than a digital service rep or chatbot.That poses a big opportunity

AP’s how-to-use-hyphens-wisely guide causes consternation among pedants

English is a glorious syncretic mess of a language, what you get when you blend together a bunch of mispronounced German, French and Latin words and then salt with the vernacular of a hundred other languages, without having to heed stern pronouncements from an official language academy. The grammar "rules" or "laws" you were taught…

Autonomous Vehicles

Huawei Working On 5G Radar Tech For Self-Driving Cars

Current chairman Xu Zhijun said Huawei is working on millimeter-wave radar and laser radar for use in autonomous vehicles as part of an “ecosystem” of car-equipped sensors.Read More

Hyundai Unveils Another Self-Driving Investment; S. Korea Wants To Lead In Autonomous Tech

Hyundai commits $35 billion to AV tech and South Korean President Moon Jae-In predicts self-driving cars will account for half of all new cars on South Korea’s roads by 2030.Read

Subaru and Toyota will keep working together to create sports cars and hybrids

Subaru and Toyota are renewing their partnership, and that means the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 sports cars will live on for another generation. More Subaru models will get Toyota

Waymo’s autonomous cars arrive in LA – but don’t expect a ride

Waymo’s autonomous cars are exploring Los Angeles, with Alphabet’s self-driving business weighing the possibilities in one of the most stressful driving environments in the US. The company – a spin-off


Robotics | Sphero’s STEM robotics kit goes on sale – TechCrunch

Following a crowdfunding campaign that raised an impressive $1 million earlier this year, Sphero’s STEM/STEAM kit RVR is now on sale. Announced back in February as part

Robotics | New haptic arm places robotics within easy reach – Tech Xplore

Imagine being able to build and use a robotic device without the need for expensive, specialist kit or skills. That is the vision that researchers from the

‘Cloud kitchens’ is an oxymoron

What Is Middle Class in California?

NordVPN confirms it was hacked

Every Oculus Go and Gear VR game you can play on your Oculus Quest

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