How to Know When Your Child Is Ready for a Smartphone

Photo: ShutterstockIt started in my home toward the end of last school year. I knew it was coming, but I was still surprised to have the conversation at just second

The words and phrases that defined the decade

We shape language as much as it shapes us. And it's constantly evolving. The top 10 words and phrases that defined this past decade aren’t all necessarily new, but they

15 of the best weekend deals on gadgets and gizmos aplenty

With sales and deals lurking around every corner of the internet, we're sure you've been checking names off your list left and right. But, after your shopping is complete, you

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Thursday. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. YouTube US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has sounded the alarm about the rise of facial

Going Beyond Machine Learning To Machine Reasoning

Machine learning is necessary for systems to gain value from data, but it just pushes the problem of intelligence to the next level: reasoning.

Augmented Intelligence: Empowering Humans, Not Replacing Them

Photo: Getty It is nearly impossible to talk about technology today without some mention of artificial intelligence (AI). While everyone is familiar with AI, the concept of

Artificial Intelligence Offers Companies a New Way to Fake Diversity

Image: GettyMost companies will do anything to promote diversity short of implementing the systemic changes required to become diverse. And for brands looking to appear diverse without doing any of the pesky work of becoming diverse, AI-generated images offer all the appearances of including POC and women without the headache of including living humans in…

This AI researcher is trying to ward off a reproducibility crisis

Joelle Pineau launched a reproducibility challenge at the 2019 Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems.Credit: Facebook Joelle Pineau doesn’t want science’s reproducibility crisis to come to artificial intelligence (AI).Spurred by her frustration with difficulties recreating results from other research teams, Pineau, a machine-learning scientist at McGill University and Facebook in Montreal, Canada, is now spearheading…

The Barn Find IBM 360 Comes Home

It’s a story that may be familiar to many of us, that of bidding on an item in an online auction and discovering once we go to pick it up that we’ve bought a bit more than we’d bargained for. We told you earlier in the year about the trio of Brits who bought an…

How A.I. Could Help Find Alien Planets and Asteroids

Home News Tech NASA is looking to artificial intelligence to aid in the search for alien planets and potentially dangerous asteroids. (Image: © NASA) Artificial intelligence could aid in the search for life on alien planets and detection of nearby asteroids, according to NASA officials.NASA hopes to use artificial intelligence, or A.I., technologies such as…

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars, trucks, etc.

Sony debuts prototype autonomous car to develop sensing and safety technologies

Sony said it would start testing self-driving cars as early as this year to beef up the company’s sensing and safety technologies.Read More

Audi concept car is an autonomous escape complete with VR headsets

Audi's newest concept car looks like your average, well, Audi sedan. But after an inside look, you'll realize it's not your average luxury vehicle. First, you'll see there's no steering

Our Top Posts of the Decade: A Dubious List for a Meaningless Timeline

As far as we can tell, the 2010s were nothing close to what most of us expected. Instead of flying cars, we got half-baked semi-autonomous vehicles. Instead of social media

A $100 box is the cheapest way we’ve seen to add LiDAR to cars

Velodyne, one of the companies that helped invent modern LiDAR, says it has developed a component that will make adding laser-based radar to autonomous cars and other vehicles more affordable.


Replacing humans a little more every day!

Robotics | Pollen Robotics Reachy hands-on at CES 2020 – Engadget

Get More Engadget: • Like us on Facebook:• Follow us on Twitter:• Follow us on Instagram: ...Read More

Robotics | Want to lift 200 pounds without breaking a sweat? Strap into this exosuit – Digital Trends

Sarcos Robotics has spent the past 20 years building the ultimate powered robot exosuit. Early next year, its Guardian XO wearable robot will ship to the first

The Winner of ‘The Circle’ Opens Up About Life IRL

Stranger Things is now a pinball machine that lets you fight the Demogorgon

Facebook’s New Data Source: Virtual Reality

Will 5G be a game changer for business in 2020?

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